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Domaine Rieflé - Alsace L'aplomb 2016 Ad Quadratum

Score : 90 points

Bright medium-dark straw-yellow. Hints of caramel and baked pear on nose and palate, complemented by aromatic herb nuances. Enters bright and juicy, then turns richer and rounder, with herbal notes and pomaceous orchard fruit flavors persisting nicely. A blend of 80% Pinot Blanc and 20% Pinot Gris, though the back label says “100% Pinot” only. (Rieflé told me the Pinot Blanc grapes come from an especially good site, but despite the wine’s high quality, it always sold poorly when it was labeled simply as Pinot Blanc.) This clocks in at 12% alcohol, 2.4 g/L residual sugar and 5.7 g/L total acidity, but the wine is actually much richer and rounder than those numbers imply (in fact, it was entirely barrel-fermented) but tastes like a classically dry white wine (and the back label gets it right, assigning a 1 on the sweetness scale of 1 to 4).
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