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Alsace l'éclat (RIESLING style) 2021

“A great wine is a construction”

Michel Bettane – French wine critic, during a visit in March 2015

About AD QUADRATUM concept:

Alsace, is witness of the magnificent “Rhine Renaissance” that gave birth to some European most beautiful gothic masterpieces like Strasbourg's Cathedral is.

A great wine needs to be conceived by the producer well ahead of its tasting. Exactly like a building masterwork which is first created in the architects’ personal vision. 

"Ad Quadratum" is a principle of architectural aesthetics which inscribes the square, symbol of matter and stability, in the circle, symbol of heaven, space and time. The great wines of the Ad Quadratum collection are built after the image of this principle: 

Issued from the vines, the four primary elements, the spirit and the hands of the Rieflé family, you will taste the different textures and aromatic profiles of the 4 different cuvées in the AD QUADRATUM collection:

o The brilliance of l’éclat 

o The balance of l’aplomb,

o The flowing lines and wisps of l’arabesque,

o The silkiness of l'étoffe,

Here or elsewhere , now or in a few years.

About the cuvée l'éclat:

L’éclat = the burst, the rock shard, the splinter, the shine …
It is a dry, fresh and crisp wine with briliance and fruitiness.
Blend based on riesling.

Technical info:

Service T°: 10 - 12°C 
Alcohol: 12.5% 
Acidity: 6 g/l (tartric)
Residual sugar: 4.6 g/l

Terroir Sense

Rieflé-Landmann / Domaine Rieflé • Alsace L'éclat 2018 Ad Quadratum

Score : 92+ points

Domaine Rieflé - Alsace L'éclat 2017 Ad Quadratum

Score : 90 points
Wine Enthusiast

Domaine Rieflé - Alsace L'eclat 2017

Note: 89 points
Wine Enthusiast

Domaine Rieflé - Alsace L'eclat 2016 Ad Quadratum

Score : 91 points

Domaine Rieflé - Alsace L'eclat 2016 Ad Quadratum

Score : 90 points